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New construction & sustainable ships

Amer Shipping New construction & sustainable ships

The development of the hull is one of the basic elements of a new ship. The latest technologies are always examined to see if they can be applied to new construction. For example, the streamlined shape of the ship underwater should result in as little resistance as possible. Propulsion is precisely tuned to the ship's future use. Waterways are a big factor in determining engine power. Applying appropriate engine power has a significant contribution to make in controlling CO2 emissions and operating costs. The engines are equipped with an exhaust gas after-treatment system (scrubber / AdBlue).

The latest newly built ships (dry cargo) are equipped with propeller shaft generators. This ensures that the energy supplied by the propeller shaft during the journey is not lost. The propeller shaft generator converts the rotation of the shaft into electricity. This energy is used for the general power supply on board (wheelhouse, living quarters, etc.).

Energy is also fed into the 48-battery system. This battery pack provides energy to the living quarters and spud poles for at least 12 hours. This solution makes a generator (65kW) largely superfluous and saves 10 litres of gas oil per hour.